Damien Walker (Founding member of Our Revolution Phoenix; Director since April 2018): “I believe that inclusivity is the key to bringing our progressive platform to mainstream dominance. I hope to serve as a delegate and on our state interim committee in order to help create and formalize structures that will ensure that Our Revolution remains as accessible, inclusive, and democratic as possible throughout the state of Arizona.”


Chipper Bonds (Founding member of Our Revolution Japan; Assistant Director of Our Revolution Phoenix since May 2018) – “I have worked on many social justice issues and campaigns in the southeastern United States, west coast and Asia. As a state delegate for Our Revolution, I look forward to working with everyone as we build a progressive organization that will make us proud!”




Mary McGuirk (Director of Our Revolution West Valley since August 2017) – “I would like to serve as a delegate to help focus our message and to rally our core around unifying issues like dirty money and corporate welfare. Only with a unified base will we be able to accomplish the rest of our agenda and get progressive candidates elected!”


Devin Del Palacio (Member and Interim Assistant Director of Our Revolution West Valley; Vice President of the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board) – Devin is a modern, multicultural servant-leader who recently ran a grassroots, people-powered campaign for the Arizona State House of Representatives.




Bryan Rasmussen (Director of Our Revolution Yuma since September 2017) – “I look forward to serving as a delegate to vote and potentially serve on the Our Revolution Arizona Coalition interim committee to see that we build an organization that is forward thinking, inclusive, and pragmatic in advancing the progressive movement in Arizona. I see a bright future for the Our Rev AZ Coalition, I would be honored to participate in building it.”


Virginia Watts (Communications Director and Member of Our Revolution Yuma since April 2018) – “As a new member I have a lot to learn but I hope to use what I have learned to help others like me. My wish is to be a part of a coalition that I can be proud of as well as work hard with others like me to create something strong.”




Viviana Torres (Member of Our Revolution AWC since January 2018) – “While serving as a delegate I hope to help create a coalition that is organized and beneficial for all involved. It is my belief that the Our Revolution AZ coalition will be able to better inform potential voters about important issues.”


Sotero Alvarado (Our Revolution AWC Advisor) – “I immigrated from Mexico with my parents when I was a child, and I was a marine after high school. I earned my master’s in math from the University of California Santa Barbara, and I am currently a math professor who believes we can eliminate inequality in this great country.”